Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I LOVE to bake and cook, hate the dishes though ;-). I am a mom of 3 little girls the youngest of whom has a severe milk protein allergy. When this was discovered it felt like "my cooking world" had been turned upsidedown! Everything I grew up on, loved, and cooked seemed to contain dairy! I searched the web in my down time for weeks on end trying to find dairy-free recipies that were kid friendly, budget friendly, easy to prep, ect. We also have to be careful about eggs too because she seems to have a reaction if there are to many also. So after the coaching of friends I have decided to create a blog to share recipies with other moms in the same boat, for free!
I will also post tips and ideas for coping whenever I come accross them! Feel free to share your own!
*Please note that manufactures are always changing formulations so double check lables every time you buy them so you can have piece of mind!

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  1. Yea Katie! I'll do the cake for Bradlie's birthday! You're awesome!