Monday, October 25, 2010

Flare-up again :-(

Sorry for the lack of posts, we have a rule in our house that any and all dairy MUST stay at the dinner table which has kept everything out of my youngest reach for the most part. However, she learned that she can step up one the chair's leg supports and get access to the contents of whatever is on the table. SO in just a few seconds (thats all it ever takes) she and our puppy ate some pizza! So between this, colds, date night, and a birthday dinner, i haven't been cooking. I did however find an AWESOME idea on someone elses blog! Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table and Dreaming shared this great idea for DIY micorwave popcorn! Go check it out!!! Here's the link:


  1. So sorry! So what happens to her when she does eat or touch cheese, etc...?

  2. Lots of pain and crying and high pitched screaming for several days and diheriea (really bad) for 2 or so weeks.