Saturday, November 6, 2010

I feel like a bad mom...

I suck! I took Aubree to the Dr yesterday because her flare-up wasn't getting better it seemed to be getting worse. Her flare-up was from her getting a hold of pizza about 2 weeks ago. So we were thinking she is probably developing a Soy allergy too. We put her on Rice milk and vitamins. So this morning while getting everyone breakfast, Justin happened to glance at the cereal before giving it to Aubree and noticed it contained milk! UGH! I swear we have checked that label several times, so now we are confused if we bought the wrong brand or what. I had been giving her the Cinnimon Toasters almost every day! It was her favorite, she would ask for it (at 13 months thats a big deal). This is what happens when I try to rush through the grocery store with 3 grumpy kids and dont check every label, just trusting that they kept the formulation the same. I did the same thing with the Grandma Sycamore's bread. Guess from now on I need to go grocery shopping with another person or find a sitter so I can have the time to check every label in the store! :-/

On the brighter side, at least I don't have to take soy out of her/our diet. If I hod to do that, there would be almost nothing I could buy for quick dinners. I would have to make everything from complete scratch! And with a 5 year old, 26 month old, 13 month old and a husband who can rarely be home for dinner and works 6 days a week, just the thought makes me crazy!

Here's hoping she now gets better soon!


  1. That's why we're praying Seth won't be allergic to soy milk. With Bradlie, that would be the worst case senario for us also. Don't feel like a bad mom....I did the same thing with Bradlie when she was around the same age. Gerber graduates used to make little fruit breakfast bar things that I SWEAR didn't have milk ingredients, which all other breakfast bars and granola bars do... So for a month and a half she had diarreah (sp?) and after $800 of testing...there was milk in her system. I wnet home and check lables again and, sure enough, I....I was poisoning her. Yep, it happens to the best of us. And sorry to say, this will happen again. You can only do so much and SOMETHING will sneak passed you eventually. But with Bradlie the more she comes in contact with it, the worse she gets. Her last episode was last here is hoping we can make it a year! But I gotta say you're doing a fantastic job Katie! Thanks for all your posts!

  2. Thanks Lauren, I needed to hear all that!